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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to Monster In Your Veins

To anyone who's seeing this post for the first time, welcome (although we've probably already met). The purpose of Monster in Your Veins will be to provide an outlet for my writing, and maybe give me a kick in the ass to get more done.

In the coming days, weeks, months (however long this whole internet thing keeps going) I'll be updating this space with new work - short stories, script excerpts (film and comics) and whatever else comes to mind. I'll also be harassing friends, associates, and hangers-on to contribute here as well.

One this space won't be is a linkdump. I've got too much writing to share to waste time with that. This is not to say I won't pass along the occasional article about the philosophical underpinnings of the "Dark Knight," or film reviews that I find particularly interesting.

I could use this post to tell you more about myself, but I hope my writing will do that for me. Comments, criticisms, disagreements, and Nigerian business proposals are all welcome in the comments.

Once again, welcome.


P.S. - A little Venetian Snares to start this whole thing off:

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