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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Accessory Review: Mad Catz Street Fighter Fight Pad

Short review:

It's not just the controller. Apparently I'm just not good at the game.

Medium-ish review:

- The diagonal motions are still a little hard to transition into from one of the directions.

- The D-pad is a little slick instead of rubbery. I would have preferred it if Mad Catz had chosen rubberized texture for better grip.

- It sucks that the 360 version isn't wireless like its PS3 counterpart.

- It also lacks the heft of other controllers which can be kind of off-putting (likely because of the lack of rumble support).

- The "Turbo," "Back," and "Xbox" buttons are also much too small - I think Mad Catz was so worried about sacrificing real estate on the face of the controller that they erred too far on the side of caution.

- The size of the controller is just right and it fits even my girlish hands.

- It doesn't feel cheap or like it's going to crumble in my hands like many other accessories (some even from Mad Catz).

- The paint job is very decent (I opted for the Chun Li given the lack of Blanka or Akuma). I'm wondering how it'll fare in a few months' time after constant use.

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