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Friday, March 06, 2009

Some Thoughts About the New "Star Trek" Trailer From Someone Who's Only Marginally a Trek Fan*

1. Space... full of debris.

2. Several months and multiple trailers in and I'm still not feeling Chris Pine as Kirk. It's not like the role requires gravitas or anything - just someone whose features and name I could remember ten minutes later.

3. I'm really digging the oversaturated white of the set. It's a really cool aesthetic but I'm curious as to how it will contrast will all of the other "space grit" we see in the trailer.

4. Eric Bana: he feels much too good for the material here. From the looks of things he's going to be a tatted-up Khan.

5. Seriously... Eric Bana. The man was awesome in Chopper.

6. The trailer seems to be going for a character (lots of V.O. about Kirk living up to his dad's rep)** and action-based (lots of ships zooming in, out, and around debris) thing without bothering to touch on the story. Having watched it, I have no idea what the movie will be about.

7. The lack of Simon Pegg is disappointing. For real, I'd watch a Simon Pegg-as-Scotty space comedy over this.

8. You know what this reminds me of? Starship Troopers without the irony.

* Okay, I've seen all of the movies and watched the shows. But it's not like I know any of the episode titles... and I could only stick with Enterprise for like, ten minutes.

**Seriously, this is the characterization they're going for? Trite daddy issues to sell it to the under-15 set?

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