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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Want My Copy of "Arkham Asylum"*

Apropos of nothing but in the year that the U.S.A. get its first black President and Iran takes a stab at revolution that the most amazing thing to me recently is the fact that a licensed video game - featuring a comic character no less - is receiving almost universally positive reviews from the gaming press.

My priorities can at times be somewhat off-kilter.

*It'll be great to have my own copy of the game so I can talk about it with some level of authority.


  1. Hey Charles,

    I have been playing the demo all weekend, when I should have been catching up on the work I owe everyone. I keep going back to it, time and time again, and I'm not much one for action / adventure games. I think I'll be getting it for the PS3 as soon as I can afford to take the time to truly do the game justice. I have never had a game experience like it.

  2. As you can tell from my lack of updates, AA sucked in all my time as well.

    It's a very polished game with a lot of great moments. Outside of some repetitive boss battles I would say it was a very good game.