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Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye, Dodo

That would be the outgoing Xbox 360 HD DVD player. I'll cop to it, I made the wrong choice in the format wars a couple of years back, but c'est la vie. While it made a fine upconverting DVD player, it kind of pained me to look at the box and know that no new discs were being made. Now, my 20gb PS3 is the primary player. Yes, I've fallen for the sucker bet of converting some of my DVD collection to Blu (needless to say some of my HD discs have gotten turned around to Blu).

In the end, it was "so long, farewell" to the player and about 20-odd discs.


  1. haha you should have known better

  2. I thought I did!

    (Although in truth, I think I was motivated more at the time by which format offered the most free discs with the hardware purchase)