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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So There's a Thor: The Video Game Trailer

It's no surprise that Marvel wants to get a game out to coincide with the release of next year's Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor movie. What is surprising is that the comics publisher opted to go back to Sega for this one given the less-than-stellar critical response to the Iron Man tie-ins. Unless there was just a high level of faith in the developer to get their act together, I have to imagine that there was some kind of deal inked to produce games tying into all of the Avenger titles for the next few years.

Spoilers: this teaser trailer has no gameplay footage. But unless they've got some masterwork up their sleeves I foresee a God of War-style hack and slash, probably with some upgrade mechanics tying in and around the main plot of the movie. Maybe a prequel or something using villains from the comics.

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