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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Strange Bloody Fate of Coil Island - Chapter 1

Page 1 – 5 Panels

Panel 1: (Wide) EXT. shot of a small house on the rocky coast of an island in the Pacific Northwest.

Panel 2: (Wide) INT., the home office of FBI Agent DANNY SALVADOR. A flash from a nearby window establishes that it’s raining like crazy outside. The walls are cluttered – insanely, obsessively wallpapered and push-pinned with news clippings, crime scene photos, and whiteboards with important text circled in red. The most prominent thing is a newspaper clipping with DANNY – hand outstretched, trying to fend off the camera, yelling at the photographer – guiding an obviously traumatized young (13-14) girl wrapped in a blanket. The headline boldly proclaims, “SANDMAN SURVIVOR!” and below that “Hero Fed Danny Salvador Saves One!”

Panel 3: (Wide) Still in the office, more clutter: papers and files on the floor. In particular, underneath a dirty ashtray is an opened file is a composite sketch of the SANDMAN KILLER. The image is kind of rough – the sort of thing coming from the descriptions of a scared 13-year-old girl. The cigarette and ashtray are next to a couch, and from this angle we only see DANNY’s hand dangling, holding a still lit cigarette.

Panel 4: Same shot, in close, a black-gloved hand – the hand of SANDMAN – plucks the cigarette from DANNY’s hand.

Panel 5: Same shot again, the gloved hand mashes the cigarette into the ashtray.

Page 2 – 6 panels

Panel 1: (Wide) SANDMAN stands with his back to DANNY who’s still sleeping on the couch. SANDMAN is removing his gloves. He’s smug, seeming happy with himself, checking out the articles about his handiwork on the wall. He’s wearing a black jacket and slacks. DANNY fell asleep in his work clothes – a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, khaki slacks, and the holster for his gun empty. We should establish that SANDMAN is standing next to the desk.

Panel 2: Close on DANNY’s face – his eyes have popped open, and he’s alert.

Panel 3: Medium, DANNY springs up to a sitting position on the couch, looking at SANDMAN.

DANNY: Hey –

Panel 4: Angle on the edge of the desk, with DANNY’s gun on the edge. DANNY is looking at if from where he sits, grim and poised to move.

SANDMAN: You’ll set yourself on fire if you’re not careful.

Panel 5: Medium on SANDMAN half-turning his body to look at the gun on the desk and he seems completely unconcerned.

SANDMAN: Oh. By all means go ahead –

Panel 6: DANNY has leaped from the couch, reaching for the gun as SANDMAN is still in the same pose.

SANDMAN (in a small voice): Don’t bother to thank me for stopping you from setting your house on fire or anything.

Page 3 – Full-page image

Panel 1: DANNY has his gun trained on SANDMAN who has his hands in his pockets.


Page 4 – 3 panels

Panel 1: Close on SANDMAN, slammed to the floor wincing in pain. His hands are raised above his head. The gun is at the back of his head.

SANDMAN: Easy! I came to you –

DANNY: Shut the fuck up!

Panel 2: DANNY, with the gun still trained on SANDMAN, is leaning back and looking to the side as though checking to see who else is there.

SANDMAN (off panel): I came alone. I came to you and I came alone. (In a small voice) And I think you chipped my tooth.

Panel 3: Back on the floor again, SANDMAN looks annoyed. His hands are still up.

SANDMAN: Stop the hysterics and listen –

DANNY (off panel): I don’t want to hear another word out of you.

SANDMAN: You need to listen because tonight, 6 of the worst people I know…

SANDMAN: … and it’s me we’re talking about here…

SANDMAN: … 6 of the worst people I know are coming to kill every man woman and child on this island.

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