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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wherein the Cops Kick Your Ass for the RNC

I just saw this article (thanks MGK) and wondered - is this what the RNC wants to be known for? If McCain and the GOP are the party committed to spreading freedom, why don't we gave any Republicans on one of the major news outlets calling shenanigans on the Minneapolis police?

For that matter, where are the Democrats in all of this? After a rousing convention last week, one that saw the party energized and ready to take all comers in the next 60+ days, why aren't they out in front, challenging an agregious abuse of power in the city where the opposition is holding a Grand Old Party?

For that matter, how can we as individuals make more noise about this kind of thing? Look, no one is going to accuse me of being pro-hippy (frankly, I don't care for the sound of Jerry Berry and patchouli just smells awful to me). But I'll be damned if any segment of this society should be denied not only the right to protest but the right to plan to protest.

I'm not going to get all Orwellian doom and gloom now, but maybe it's about time that we do (get all doom-y and gloom-y, that is). As long as the press at large - the major media outlets - continue to refuse to dig deeper and confront the abuses of power, the closer we get to the future of the Demolition Man, where Taco Bell vies for supremacy as the main dietary staple, no one is allowed to cuss and Sandra Bullock is still a viable star.

We should be able to gather and say no to our leaders and we should damn well be able to gather and say no to our potential leaders. So anyone out there reading this - say something, post it on your own blog, link back to the original story - but most importantly just do something and show that you want the future to be more than a boot on your neck.

Until then, I'll be watching closely to see how the Minnesota authorities handles this group of known troublemakers later this week.


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