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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Strange Bloody Fate of Coil Island - Chapter 3

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Page 1 – 2 panels

Pane l: Inside the car, DANNY is dialing with one hand and steering with the other. SANDMAN leans against the window, looking out in the back seat.

DANNY: You been plannin’ this for a while.

SANDMAN: You believe me?

DANNY: Don’t go confusing that with trust. C’mon, pick up…

Panel 2: SANDMAN leans forward, a little bit in DANNY’S space looking towards the road.

SANDMAN: I’ve been honest so far. I’ve turned myself in. I made sure you had enough time to get your wife and kid off the island.

DANNY: What say did you have in that?

SANDMAN: They wouldn’t start without me. I just took my time announcing myself.

DANNY: You’re in touch with these people?


Page 2 – 5 panels

Panel 1: The car has pulled up the tiny little village police station. The sign out front says COIL ISLAND MUNICIPAL POLICE. The lights are on, but they seem tiny in the storm.

Panel 2: INT. of the empty police station, DANNY is framed by the doors pushing SANDMAN into the vestibule. In spite of everything, DANNY is not manhandling SANDMAN.

SANDMAN: Looks like we picked the one night the police would take off.

Panel 3: The broad man in the ill-fitting uniform is DEPUTY BUCK. He walks out of one of the back offices whistling while in the process of zipping and adjusting his pants. He’s in mid-whistle as he registers the two soaking wet people in the station.

BUCK: I’ll be dipped.

Panel 4: DANNY approaches BUCK with SANDMAN in tow.

DANNY: Deputy…

BUCK: Buck. Royal Benjamin Buck.

DANNY: Where’s Sheriff Tate?

Panel 5: BUCK scratches his head, looking for all the world like he’s as embarrassed as can be.

BUCK: Burst appendix.

DANNY: Everybody else?

BUCK: I’m it. They got me on loan from Chicona County.

Page 3 – 4 panels

Panel 1: From the angle of an open cell door, we see DANNY approaching, pushing SANDMAN through the station, while BUCK follows, continuing to look confused.

DANNY: You got keys? I need to get into your holding cells. Get on the phone with –

BUCK: Phones is out. Storm got ‘em, maybe.

DANNY: Net access?

BUCK: We got lights and runnin’ water.

SANDMAN: Doubt it.

Panel 2: (Panels 2 and 3 are lined up side-by side) SANDMAN is behind the doors of the cell, looking out at DANNY and BUCK neither of whom is in the panel. He looks curious, like something just occurred to him.

BUCK: Who are y’all, anyway?

DANNY: Danny Salvador. I’m Federal and this is my prisoner.

SANDMAN (this dialogue is partially obscured by the other two speakers’ text, making it clear they’re ignoring him): Could one of you tell me the time? I can’t see the clock from here.

BUCK: He a terrorist or somethin’?

DANNY: He’s got a way of thinking that comes from the same place.

Panel 3: The same shot as in the last panel, SANDMAN is rolling his eyes.

SANDMAN (ignored again): I just need to know what time it is.

DANNY: He’s saying we might have some cold-blooded killers – excluding himself – on the island.

BUCK: What they come here for?

SANDMAN (ignored): You’re both wearing watches. You can just—

DANNY: Don’t know. Not even certain they’re here.

Panel 4: Something large, just about the size of a human head smashes through the station window.

Page 4 – Splash panel

Panel 1: From the angel of the bloody package wrapped in newspaper we see DANNY and BUCK standing outside of SANDMAN’s cell reaching for their sidearms. SANDMAN looks blasé about the whole thing.

SANDMAN: Must be 11:00 already. Game’s started, gentlemen.

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