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Friday, February 20, 2009

She's Got Jokes (And Other Things Online)

Go Read Some Funny Stuff

Check out my friend Dani's Tumbleblog, the Monologamist. She makes good comedy and is a freelance joke writer for SNL.

New Trailer For the Incredibly Racist (And Sexy) RE:5

1. I mean, I guess. If I want to be really sensitive about it at this time of morning. Wesker kind of looks like a Nazi, I suppose.

2. Something seems kind of, I guess, flat about the music in the trailer. It has that generic action movie sound which doesn't really fit with the series.

3. Note the scaled-back amount of zombie content in lieu of showing some of the story (as it were).

4. FYI, I bet it's Jill Valentine under the sheet at the end.

This Is The Most I've Ever Read About Sabrina the Teenage Witch

At his Super Blog, Chris Sims writes a LOT about the end of the magafied Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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