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Saturday, May 30, 2009

(Not a) Film Review: Drag Me To Hell

T.G.F.B. Edition!*
  • Star Alison Lohman was a very game participant through all of the trauma director Sam Raimi put her through.
  • It should be noted that most if not all of the violence directed towards the heroine is entirely non-sexual. It's not punitive violence for a character expressing her sexuality or having a good time. She does something wrong and she spends the next 90 minutes paying for it.
  • This is key, because it takes the movie from making the viewer an accomplice through titillation to allowing the viewer to relax and enjoy the events on display.
  • Having said that, the script spends a LOT of time shoving things in its lead actress's mouth or otherwise covering her in fluids.
  • It's an incredibly loud movie with Raimi cranking things up to somewhere around 11 (15 during the "dinner party" scene). Most times it seems to work, although it can be a little exhausting for the audience.
  • Nominee for most menacing handkerchief of all time.
  • It was weird watching a Sam Raimi film without the on-screen participation of either Ted Raimi or Bruce Campbell. (This is excluding the dramas Raimi has worked on in the past)**
  • Wow, this was a hard PG-13.
  • This might be setting back U.S.-Gypsy relations by a few years.
  • Small thing but I really loved the text used for the opening and closing title.
  • It's been noted elsewhere but I'd like to chime in in favor of the use of practical effects. There are a couple of CG moments (but not excessive). I miss the good old days of practical makeup, gags, and gooey effects.
  • This touched off a note of nostalgia and sent me back to watch my copy of Army of Darkness. Yeah, I still love it.
  • I need for Amy Adams, Isla Fischer, and Alison Lohman to never star in a movie together. For some reason I confuse them all visually in what I like to call the "Tom Jane/Aaron Eckhart Effect."
  • I didn't really have much use for Justin Long until the closing moments of the film. He essentially embodied "boring boyfriend" for most of the movie.

*Thank God For Bulletpoints
** According to the fine people at the IMDB Ted Raimi was in the movie in a "blink and you'll miss him" moment.


  1. I think it was an okay film, but still entertaining nonetheless.

  2. It's weird - my wife was a bigger fan of the movie than I. I think at least half of my enjoyment was seeing someone who wasn't a splatter horror fan totally into it.