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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Holy Crap!

I haven't updated this space since the end of May. In that time:

- I've been to England

- Started a new job

- Seen the economic apocalypse become slightly less apocalyptic

- Swore off CNN and all cable news for the foreseeable future

- Watched a lot of cable news

- Seen the beginnings of a revolution in Iran

- Seen the suppression of discourse here in the U.S. through the "shout-it-down" model of protest

- Had a wonderful buttercream cake from Just a Taste

- Reviewed the comic we never thought would arrive

- Spent a little time at the NY Asian Film Festival and even got to interview a high-profile Korean actress

- Wrote a few reviews here and there (and there too)

- Interviewed Mr. Christos Gage about crime and a bit of the old Ultraviolence

- ... and even took the time to see Mr. Brendon Small rock out here in NY along with the School of Rock kids.

...So yeah, a bit has happened in the time since I saw Drag Me to Hell. I'll try not to be so neglectful in the future, little blog.

-CW, out.

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