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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Strange Bloody Fate of Coil Island - Chapter 2

(Apologies for posting so late in the day)
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Page 1 – 3 panels

Panel 1: EXT. DANNY’s house and the rain is coming down hard. DANNY has SANDMAN cuffed with his hands behind his back, pushing him into the backseat of a late-model sedan. DANNY intentionally shoves SANDMAN’s head into the doorframe on the way in.

SANDMAN: This isn’t necessary. You –

DANNY: I got you pinned to about two dozen bodies. So yeah, it is necessary.

Panel 2: In the backseat, SANDMAN looks out balefully at DANNY. DANNY is out of frame, still in the rain.

DANNY: Now we’re going to –

SANDMAN: It’s more like four dozen.


SANDMAN: There’s a lot you haven’t found and a lot you don’t know. Now. You need… to start… listening to me.

Panel 3: As the thunder crashes behind him, DANNY walks around to the driver’s seat of the car.

Page 2 - 4 panels

Panel 1: DANNY adjusts the rearview mirror so that it’s filled with SANDMAN’s face. We can’t see DANNY’s face, only SANDMAN’s and he looks frustrated and drenched.

DANNY: Two questions. One… It’s been raining for days. You were dry when I woke up.

SANDMAN: You want to know how I got into your place without getting wet?

DANNY: I wanna know how long you were holed up before I got there.

Panel 2: SANDMAN has leaned back with his feet on the seat. He’s grinning.

SANDMAN: Two days in your attic. You were in rough shape when you got here. And I didn’t want to spook your wife and kid.

Panel 3: DANNY half-turned his body to look in the backseat.

DANNY: Just me.


DANNY: Who are these six friends you brought here?

Panel 4: SANDMAN shrugs, looking like he has nothing to do with any of this.

SANDMAN: You developed my profile, Danny –

DANNY: Agent Salvador.

SANDMAN: Whatever. I was saying… you know I don’t keep friends. Not for long at least. These people are more like admirers.

Page 3 – 4 panels

Panel 1: SANDMAN looks ugly now, his face contorted with disgust. He’s leaned forward in his seat a bit, and you can tell he’s not looking at DANNY.

SANDMAN: Wannabes is what they are. They act like what I do is some kind of game. What I do isn’t something you do to keep score. To compete over.

DANNY: What’d you bring here?

Panel 2: SANDMAN has leaned back in the seat again, his face half-covered in shadow. Only his eyes burn in the darkness.

SANDMAN: Someone got the word out.

DANNY: How would they do that?

SANDMAN: Doesn’t matter. But me… the others… we heard.

Panel 3: Overhead shot of the island as the rain pounds down.

SANDMAN (Caption): Somebody said something about an island. How the big storms usually locked it down come the end of summer.

SANDMAN (Caption): Simple folk. Sheriff was set to retire. No real police to speak of.

Panel 4: The waves whip at the harbor, sending the ocean spray 10, maybe 15 feet into the air. A boat moored to the docks, threatens to pitch over with the waves.

SANDMAN: Somebody suggested we make a game of it… see who could get the most.

DANNY: The most…


Page 4 – full-page

Panel 1: DANNY’s car races through the increasingly flooded streets.

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