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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Strange Bloody Fate of Coil Island - Chapter 4

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Page 1 – 5 panels

Panel 1: INT. of station, DANNY has drawn his gun and is standing at the doorway, looking out into the rainy night. BUCK is kneeling down, looking at the package on the floor. A pool of blood and water has begun to collect under the package.

DANNY: Don’t touch it!

BUCK: Didn’t aim to.

SANDMAN (off-panel): I wouldn’t do that, Agent Salvador. One of those fellows is a sniper.

Panel 2: DANNY slams the door shut and gestures at BUCK to sit down.

DANNY: Get down!

Panel 3: Same shot, DANNY sits with his back against the door. BUCK has pressed himself against one of the desks.

SANDMAN: …But he might not be around these parts yet.

Panel 4: DANNY crawls over to the package on the floor.

Panel 5: Close on DANNY’s hand holding a pen, prodding the bundle and pulling some of the wrapping aside.

BUCK (off panel): What is it?

Page 2 – 5 panels

Panel 1: Close on DANNY’s face. He’s less grossed out than suspicious.


Panel 2: Medium on SANDMAN trying to get a better look from his vantage point – he’s craned his neck a little to see better.

SANDMAN: A trophy, I’d imagine. Each one’s supposed to leave a trophy in their style for each kill they get.

Panel 3: DANNY uses a handkerchief to pull a bloody brick out of the bundle.

SANDMAN: What did you get? Eyes? A hand? Sex parts?

Panel 4: DANNY holds a half-bloodied wallet with the handkerchief. A couple of loose teeth fall away from the wallet as he pulls it out.

SANDMAN (off panel): Well…?

BUCK: It’s a wallet.

DANNY: And teeth. And please, don’t encourage him.

Page 3 – 4 panels

Panel 1: Danny is going through the wallet while BUCK looks on.

BUCK: Ain’t you afraid of messin’ up the prints or…

SANDMAN: Yeah… he’s got worse things to worry about than evidence chains.

BUCK: … And who’s he? What’s goin’ on?!

Panel 2: DANNY is up and walking now, looking at the license from the wallet.

DANNY: Deputy Buck, according to our man in the cell we’ve got six killers on the island.

BUCK: Well who’s he?

DANNY: Papers call him the “Sandman Killer.” One of ‘em. Maybe.

Panel 3: BUCK is somewhat near the cell now, with his hand on the butt of his gun. He’s looking with a certain amount of fear towards SANDMAN.

DANNY (off panel): Stay back.


DANNY (off panel): Don’t panic on me, Deputy. You and me need to find the guy from the license… Rudy Dekker… see if there’s anything to save.

Panel 4: DANNY is beside BUCK in front of the cell. Both are looking towards SANDMAN. DANNY is very serious – pissed now.

DANNY: We’re gonna talk when I come back.

Page 4 – 4 panels

Panel 1: From SANDMAN’s angle in the cell, he’s looking out as DANNY and BUCK head out of the station.

SANDMAN: Yes we will.

Panel 2: DANNY and BUCK are out in the rain, standing on each side of the car, both reaching for the handles. BUCK looks down at the front of the car.

BUCK: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

Panel 3: Low angle on the car – we see that both passenger side tires are deflated, and we see BUCK’s feet.

BUCK (off panel): My cruiser’s ‘round back!

Panel 4: DANNY and BUCK are in the garage where the police cruisers are kept. From this angle we see their reaction over the fiery roof of the car as flame spits out the windows.

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